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The desire to make jewellery date back to my childhood, when I started to create objects using different materials.

With time I developed special interest working with leather and enamels. Mastering these skills was rewarded by winning a prize for my art work (enamels on glass).

I graduated History of Contemporary Art at "La Sapienza University”, in Rome. My dissertation on french stained glass window is kept at the "Centre National des vitreaux des Chartres" in Paris.

I collaborated with a Parisian studio, painting the "by nath" miniature pins.

After moving to Venice, my art work were initially displayed at fashion and design shops in the city.

In 2006 I opened my (craft) shop "Papuni Art" in Venice where I display and sell all my jewellery’s creation. since then, I also started to exhibit in England and United States.

I studied at "Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery” in Florence, where I learned the techniques used to process the semi-precious metals.

In my creations I look for the harmony of colours and shapes. I observe and feel the material, searching for something new and original. I alway, like to pay attention to the details.

I think an jewel should be different in the style but at the same time wearable; colourful but not excessive, and versatile.